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Our Team

Kailey Napier

-South Texas Based-

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Sally Vanover

-North Texas Based-


Kailey Napier

Anyone who has met Kailey knows a few things right off the bat. She loves the Lord, she is a very exuberant personality, and that she is competitive. So for her to work in wedding planning and coordinating, well it makes a lot of sense.

But why? Well for one, she has the personality to care for couples and to get to know them well. Secondly, her competitive drive means that she will do everything in her power to make sure that all goes according to plan on your wedding day. If a problem arises, she has already devised a way to fix it before you have a chance to know something went wrong! As a bride you should be able to enjoy your day, not be consumed with putting out fires. When you get to your long awaited and anticipated wedding day, the last thing that you want is to be bogged down with any problems that may arise to spoil your big day!

Kailey handles all of the weddings in the South Texas region.

Sally Vanover

Sally has always had an eye for design and a passion for beauty. Originally her plan was to pursue a degree in interior design, however a year into it she realized that organization, rather than design, was what had originally drawn her that direction. And if you have every met Sally or been to her home, you would realize rather quickly that organization is a very clear aspect of her life.

Now cut to her meeting the (second) love of her life (the first being Jesus Christ her Lord and Savior, Amen!) and getting married! Her wedding was the first wedding she ever organized, and after that, she was hooked. Her eye for organization and design makes her the perfect person to help plan and organize your dream day. You only get to do this once, make it a day you will never forget!

Sally handles all of the weddings in the North Texas area.

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